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VoIP calls included in latest Skype Android upgrade

The majority publicity about the (practically non-existent) security threat in Skype for Android means that the big push to get user to upgrade was based on security concerns. However, it also included an important, though less publicized upgrade which allows … Read More …

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How to Fix Broken AVI Files

Anyone who is familiar with our software at SuperTintin, will be aware of AVI Files, which are the most popular format for saving Video Calls made through Skype and MSN Live Messenger, but we wanted to spend a little time … Read More …

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How to call someone on video with Skype

From Skype: http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/support/user-guides/call-with-video/ Make sure you’ve got a webcam and check: – it’s plugged into your computer – you’ve installed the software that came with it – it’s switched on. In your Contact list, find the person you want to … Read More …

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