12 Tips For a Great Skype Online Learning Experience

Skype Online Learning

Skype is a useful tool for online classes and many tutors and students have benefited from the program. Here are some tips on how teachers and students can have a great Skype online learning experience.

  1. Check what is behind you. Make sure there is no trash or other distracting objects.
  2. Use a light background preferably white as much as possible. Face towards the light to avoid creating a silhouette.
  3. Prevent your camera from moving by ensuring it has a steady base. Check that your head and torso are at the center of the camera’s frame.
  4. Use cable instead of WiFi to eliminate potential connectivity problems. For high quality Skype calls, check that your speed is at least 1 Mb/s.
  5. The best internet connections for Skype are ASDL and symmetrical internet connections.
  6. Increase processor speed by removing extra programs that are running. This will improve video quality.
  7. Make sure your Skype is updated to the latest version.
  8. Eliminate background noise and get better sound quality by using a headset. Make sure your study area is free from interruptions or distractions.
  9. Prepare any files you want to share prior to the study period.
  10. If you’re using a laptop, move the computer or camera to demonstrate a point. Try to bring more interaction and vitality into the virtual classroom.
  11. For teachers, be animated and dynamic just like when teaching in a regular classroom.
  12. Teachers should also make sure the student is familiar with the features of Skype before the class begins to avoid potential problems.

These tips should help you make a great online learning experience for both teachers and students. Important lessons are also worth recording for future reference. You can record Skype video calls using a free Skype video call recorder available at www.supertintin.com. Visit the site and download your free Skype video call recorder now!

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