A Few Skype Tricks To Avoid (And Maybe Do To Your Friends)

Skype Tricks

There are many tricks using Skype features that anyone with a little background on Skype can do to you. The good news is that there is a foolproof way of avoiding all of these Skype tricks. But before knowing this, you must also know how tricksters do this so that you will know if you are being tricked or not. 

Renaming contacts

This is one of the most common tricks in Skype. If you want to trick your friend using Skype, you can always change the name of their contacts to make it more interesting. It is up to you what name you will use just make sure that their Skype is logged in to do this trick. It is simple to do, just right click on any recent contacts and click “Rename” and then type the new name and hit “Enter” and you’re done. Imagine their surprise when they get a Skype message from their favorite actor, say Ryan Gosling.

Changing Profile Pictures

This trick is a nasty one especially if you have friends that have some old embarrassing pictures of you from your school days. To change the profile picture of your friends account, make sure that they are logged in and then select “Change picture” then you have the option of selecting pictures from the computer or have a snapshot through the webcam. In this way your friend will never know that his profile picture changed.

Changing Fonts

It is harmless to change your friend’s Skype if you will just adjust the size of the font, but if you will change its font style to Webdings, then he might think that he is dreaming when he types a message in his Skype. To do this, just go to the menu bar in Skype and select “Tools” then “Options”, from Options, choose IM & SMS and then select “Change Font”, click Ok and Save.


But the most important of all is how to avoid these tricks, it’s quite simple but everyone tends to forget it; just logged out when you are not using Skype or away from your device. This way, your friends will be able to change anything in your account.

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