Some Skype Tips And Tricks

Skype has singlehandedly changed the way we communicate. Today, it’s one of the most widely used communications tools in the world –aside, of course from smoke signals and superhero decoder rings. Here are some Skype tips and tricks that’ll make this tool even more useful.

skype tips

1. Customize your font. With Skype, you can choose how you read your chats –a pretty handy feature if you want a more fun look or if you just want to make reading an easier task. Just go ahead and:

  1. Click on tools, then click on options
  2. On the left side, find “IM and SMS” and click that
  3. Then click IM appearance and click the change font button, and voila! You can start customizing your chat font!

skype typing

2. Get rid of the “Typing…” sign. The “typing..” indicator that appears during a conversation can quickly turn things awkward.

  1. You can avoid this by clicking Tools, then Options, then IM & SMS.
  2. Then go to IM settings, then Advanced Options (whew!).
  3. From there, find the box marked “Show when I am typing” and uncheck it.

skype notify

3. Customize notifications. Find yourself getting irritated by constant alerts? You can filter your notifications by setting Skype to only alert you when a specific word or phrase comes up in a conversation.

  1. Do this by going to Conversation then Notification Settings.
  2. Click on Notify me only if these words are mentioned and then type in the words or phrases you’re watching out for, and voila! You’re done!. 

4. Record Video Calls Now you can skip note-taking and record your Skype calls! Yes, you can even record Skype video! Although Skype recorders don’t come automatically bundled with the VOIP software, you can get something like SuperTinTin and record your calls with clear video and audio for all your needs.  Using this tool can change the whole way you use Skype.

There you have it: these are just some of the ways you can tweak the way you experience Skype. Do you have any more Skype tips and tricks up your sleeve?

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