How to Setup Skype Voice Messaging in Windows Desktop

Skype Voice Messaging

The voice messaging feature of Skype, in some sense, is a very effective tool in online communication. If you want to leave a message for an offline friend, you can leave through it and your friend can just listen to it whenever they log-on again.

But, why not just use IM, you would ask? Of course, you can still use IM; however, when IM’s pops up in your Skype window, it will not present the exact time when the message was sent, so a mix-up would surely occur. Therefore, using the Skype voice messaging is far more reasonable. And below are the steps on how to activate and use Skype voice messaging in your windows desktop.

How to activate?

Activating the voice messaging feature is free and easy. Just sign in to your account then go Manage feature section; look and click on Voice messages then click Activate my voice message now.

Setting up your preferences

  1. To get started to it, look at your Skype menu bar then click Tools and then select Options.
  2. Then from the left, choose Calls followed by clicking Voice Messages.
  3. To continue, you should see that Receive unanswered calls as a voice message is checked.
  4. After that, the next thing you do is setting your own voicemail greeting. Select the Record button and then tell your message using your computer’s microphone.
  5. If you finished, just click the Stop button. Then if you want to listen on your saved greeting, click on the Playback button.
  6. After setting up all the mentioned preferences, click on the Save button.

Skype’s voice messaging, as mentioned earlier, is a very effective tool for communication. And, for some reason, most voice messages delivered are important ones. So, if ever you’re thinking on expanding the capabilities of Skype. There is one that can help you with that. It is a recording software called Supertintin.

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