5 Skype Tips For Travelers [Skype For Travel]

Skype for Travel

Many people have the habits of using Skype for travel most often than any other communication software. But, only a few who have the knowledge on how to use it under such circumstances while on the road. If it happen, that you’re not one of them. Then, you might want to read these compiled tips for Skype for travel:

1. Picking the best headset

The inbuilt microphone on laptops deems to be causing sound drop-outs on most calls and sometimes it even captures someone’s voice in your background, which is very annoying. So, if you want to have a good quality of communication using Skype, looking for an earbud headset with microphone appears to the best and most reliable headset for Skype. Just remember to choose the headset that has two sockets at the end, this indicates that it is mic-enabled.

2. Have Supertintin as your skype calls recorder

The Supertintin Recorder is one of the most recommended for Skype users today. This is free software that can let you have your calls and video chats recorded at ease and erase your thoughts on purchasing premium Skype recorders. Get Supertintin now.

3. Avoiding high roaming fees using Skype

If you have an iPhone or an Android phone, install the respective Skype software compatible to your phone operating system and you have a very cheap call roaming fee.

4. Avoiding Hotels sabotaging your Skype calls

Some of the most apparent of Skype travelers is when Hotels messed with their Skype connections and force them to use their Hotel telephone that charge high fees. So, for you to avoid this, using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the most effective way. VPN encrypts and hide your data undetectable.

5. Subscribe on Skype To Go

Skype to Go is a new feature of Skype that can let you call a number in another country while you’re calling from another. For example, if you’re in US and you have your wife in the Philippines, Skype to go will give you a US number for you to call and that number will directly connect you to wife’s phone in the Philippines and you will be charge for 31 cents per minute only.

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