Skype Free and Skype Premium: What’s the Difference?

skype premium

It is really hard to decide whether you will choose Skype Premium or just stick to its free version. But in order for you to make the right decision whether Free or Premium, here’s what you need to know.

1. Premium version of Skype costs around $9 – $10 a month. This is a meager amount if you are using it in your business and you need to have a constant communication with your clients. If you seldom use it, then Skype Premium might not be the best choice for you.

2. Because Skype Premium is paid, there are added features to it compared to Skype free version. One very useful feature of the premium version is group video calls. You can video call 9 persons at a time, provided that they use different Skype accounts. This is very useful if you are organizing a business team that is based on different locations.

3. Another feature that Skype premium is offering is the PC-to-Phone calling. Although this is a limited feature when you subscribe to Skype Premium, it is indeed a useful one. Your contact does not need to be online to receive your Skype call; you can call his or her telephone instead. Premium users also have Live Customer Support, which free users cannot access.

Overall, it is up to you to choose between premium and free service. The trick is knowing where you will use Skype to maximize its use to your advantage. The bottom line is if you are using it on your business or work, then it is advisable to have a Premium account, but if it is just for personal use, then it is wise to use free version.

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