Off the Record: Why Skype Doesn’t Provide A Recording Feature

skype recording

Starting up your own business has its perks. Not only do you control your own time but you can also do all work from the comforts of your home. All you need is a speedy internet connection and a reliable software such as Skype and you’re ready to go!
Besides helping you get connected to friends and family all around the world, Skype can help bring your business world together as well. Networking has never been this easy!
You see, with just one click of a button you can conduct interviews with applicants without the need of being in one single room. You can even call a meeting via internet and bring together people minus the transportation costs.
Skype allows you to have countless face-to-face conversations with your own people. May they be in or out of your continent, around the neighborhood, or across the globe, you can reach them anytime! Have a video call with your supplier or contact your delivery team directly from their mobile phone. It’s as easy as one, two, three. Just download, connect, and then communicate!

Skype Off the Record

Indeed, Skype can give almost all means of communication, but what it cannot give is the service SuperTinTin can: putting it on the record. Skype doesn’t provide a means of recording your conversations.
According to Skype’s Privacy Policy, it does not permit the disclosure of the user’s personal information. This includes the personal and/or traffic data or communication content taken from the said software. The information and data will only be made public if it is consented by the user himself, or unless obliged to do so under applicable laws or by order of competent authorities.
There have been recent instances wherein Skype had been accused of monitoring and recording audio and video calls, but Mark Gillet, company’s Chief Development and Operating Officer, has already denied these accusations by explaining that calls are established directly between participating Skype nodes (clients).
With the outburst of articles and news concerning this issue, Skype continues to abide by the accordance of its privacy policy and reiterates that they will only authorize when it is legally required and technically feasible.

SuperTinTin to the Rescue

skype recording

Thank heavens then that there is a third-party application called SuperTinTin to the rescue. Skype users can now opt to avail recording services. SuperTinTin allows you to start saving your online video and audio conversations legally.
No more fuss about privacy because now you can keep personal copies of your interviews, conferences, and meetings to name a few. By capturing original media data, SuperTinTin records your audio, video streams including Skype voice mails, and screen sharing videos in the highest quality.
What are you waiting for? Read more about what SuperTinTin can do for you in putting your business on the record. Or you can just click here to download and install SuperTintin and give it a try.

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