Record Audio & Video Conversations In Skype & MSN


Although instant messengers are mostly used for chatting with friends, they are also very effective tools for businesses. The only missing thing is the option to record your conversations. If you need a tool to record your video conversation on Skype or MSN head over to Supertintin. It is a nice application that allows you to record all audio and video streams easily.

The beauty of Supertintin is its ease of use. It captures the native format of the stream to prevent data loss. It is also more reliable than screen-capture tools because it records the stream directly.

To start a recording, you only need to click the record button during the conversation. Unlike other addons, Supertintin can also capture calls and voicemails. It can also record video conferences without any additional setup.

This tool allows you to record video in PIP mode, side-by-side, remote-only, and local-only. Although it currently supports only Skype and MSN, future releases will include compatibility with Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Paltalk, Crazyfrog and more.

Supertintin offers both a free and paid version. The free version gives you the complete feature-set with a 5-minute recording limit, while the paid version gives you unlimited recording.

Supertintin is a great app for anyone who need to record their IM conversations – especially useful for remote teams and companies who need to keep track of everything that is said in meetings.


* Lightweight call recorder for Skype and MSN.
* Free and paid options available.
* Record audio and video in one click.
* Multiple recording modes include PIP, side-by-side, remote-only, and local only.
* Records directly from the stream for high quality output.
* Nice podcasting alternative.

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