Secure Conversations with CryptoChat 4 Skype

cryptochat 4 skype

Worried that your private conversations aren’t as secure as you might think they are? Well, brush your concerns away because there’s CryptoChat 4 Skype to save the day.

CryptoChat 4 Skype is a freeware application that allows users to have secure, encrypted discussions over the Skype network. By using encryption mechanisms, your chats are kept completely confidential between you and your Crypto-Skype buddies.

While it may sound difficult to set-up, it is actually very easy to use! After downloading the application, all you need is a few clicks here and there, and you’re good to go! Just install the app, select the contact or contacts you would like to create a secure chat with, generate a unique key and send it to your Crypto/Skype counterpart using Crypto’s easy and accessible web server stream mechanism. Once keys are exchanged, completely secure and private conversations can now transpire. It’s as easy as that!

With CryptoChat 4 Skype, you can expect topnotch privacy. There will be no more worries to think about, and you can finally be able to share online in peace and solitude. CryptoChat 4 Skype makes you feel safer than ever. Chat messages will look like a bunch of random numbers put together in Skype, but once viewed on CryptoChat, the real messages are revealed.

Why not try another application called SuperTinTin to help you with your need for security? SuperTinTin is an app that allows you to capture important information shared over Skype. May it be a video or audio call, or even a photo share, SuperTinTin records your conversation. It keeps it secure by hiding the data away in storage for future playback.

That way, you wont have to worry anymore about losing valuable information that you would like to get back to. May it be a company strategic plan shared over an audio call, or online interviews done over video chats, SuperTinTin saves it all and keeps your data secure.

Make the most out of Skype through the various available third-party applications. Try CryptoChat 4 Skype and SuperTinTin. See what it can really do for you!

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