Keep Your Skype Status Updated with OnAir

Skype OnAir

Waiting for a message or call on your Skype window? Got nothing to do but tick the time away? Well, why not play some music in the mean time?

OnAir is a new Skype plugin that can keep you company. Listen to the latest jams or your favorite tunes, and see their titles flash on your status bar on Skype. Keep everyone up to date with the kind of music you listen to and the songs that might be temporarily stuck into your head.

OnAir personalizes your Skype account and gets you to share even more to your network. Download this plugin powered by and discover all that it could offer to the music lover in you.

While you’re at it, why not try to download another handy tool you could use for Skype? While Skype and OnAir enables you to share, SuperTinTin allows you to keep.


SuperTinTinSuperTinTin Safekeeping

SuperTinTin keeps up with everything you share on Skype, by putting it all away for safekeeping. Got a Skype interview with a possible client? Got a meeting on Skype for a start-up business? Got a scheduled family Skype video call on your birthday? This software saves all of these video and audio conversations and tucks it away for future playback.

Record your online conversations in the highest quality with SuperTinTin, may it be your online interviews, conferences, lessons, podcasts or VoIP calls. Use it for your safekeeping to that there’s nothing else you could lose!

Try it now!

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