Get a Better Skype Video Call Recorder with Picture-in-Picture and Side-by-Side

Skype has revolutionized long-distance communications. Video calling, once an element of science fiction, has now become a part of people’s day-to-day lives all over the world. Often, however, the quick conversation isn’t enough. People find that they need to record Skype video calls.

Skype and SuperTintin

But why?

Professionals often find it helpful that they can replay important conversations back. Considering the number of companies today that utilize Skype for business conferences, a good quality Skype video call recorder is a big asset.

There are also more sentimental reasons for recording Skype calls. People in long distance relationships use Skype to build memories, and not just have mere conversations.

Yes, it’s possible to record Skype conversations. The question, however, is how good will the recording be? With SuperTintin, the answer is “excellent”.

First off, SuperTintin produces great quality. It records the original media, not just the screen as some programs do. This results in impeccable quality regardless of how big your screen may be.



With this Skype video call recorder, you get what any customer wants with any product: options. You can make the SuperTintin work for you in a variety of ways:

a. Side-by-Side

This configuration produces a recording that shows your cam and the other party’s cam side by side. This is ideal if you want both of your video feed to be seen clearly in the recording. It’s also great if you want both sides of the Skype call to stand out, such as in a meeting.

b. Picture-in-Picture

With this option, you’re able to emphasize on one side of the conversation without completely removing the other party from the recording. This is ideal for interviews, where you want to see the interaction, but are focused on the interviewee.

Skype and Supertintin

c. Single Cam

SuperTintin also lets you pick a camera, either yours or the other party’s, and record just that. This can help you record a quick video message or take a testimonial remotely.

Skype and Supertintin

As you can see, with the right Skype video call recorder, you can get quality output that fits your purpose. How about you, what do you look for in a video call record?


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