Q&A: Questions and Answers about Skype Video Call

Question 1: How do i stop freezing with skype video chat? My skype video chat keeps freezing. What do i do?

Answer: Check your PC speed, RAM, and Internet speed. Try to free up as much Ram as possible before chatting. Close any programs you are not using before starting Skype.

Question 2: Why does a giant cat show up in my skype video window?
Almost every time i video chat on skype with my friend, where her face normally appears, a giant cat shows up with moving eyes and mouth… Virus?

Answer: She is using a software which allows you to put masks on, when in webcam.

Question 3: Which mobile phones have the ability to make Skype video calls?
I just want a straight answer to the above question. Ideally a list of the brands and models capable of making video calls via Skype.

Answer: For now, Skype video calling is only available on a computer. It cannot be done on any mobile phone. But it is said Skype will bring video call to iphone4 very soon. Most likely at CES 2011.

Question 4:Do both people in two different countries need to buy a Skype Subscription in order to video chat w/each other?
I’m leaving for the Philippines in December and I want to be able to contact my family in the US through Skype Video Calls. Am I the only one who needs to buy a $12.95 subscription or do they need to buy one as well?

Answer: Skype video call is free.

Question 5: Is there a way to view old skype video calls?
Is there any way to recover and view past video calls on skype? I guess not but just wondering.

Answer: You would need to record them with a Skype video recorder like Supertintin(windows) or Ecamm(Mac0, and then play them back.

Question 6: How do you take a Skype video snapshot that shows both caller screens?

A: Windows: Press PrtSc to copy a full screen picture. And open Paint, Press Shift+Insert to paste the picture.

Mac: Press Command shift 3 to take a full screen picture. It will show as a picture file or PDF file immediately on the desktop.

Question 7: My Skype video calls are pretty choppy and it really gets annoying. I usually chat with someone who has a very fast connection. Any tips to improve its performance?

Answer: See what your connection is at. Normal DSL speed is at 150KB/s
Your internet connection might be the issue OR your CPU speed. Check your PC speed.. right click on My Computer – Properties. There should be a number ending with GHz. followed by RAM.

If GHz is lower than 1.5GHz then that might be the problem. If RAM is lower than 512MB then that’s another problem. Try closing any extra programs when you’re on skype.
Overall it comes down to your:

1. PC speed
2. RAM
3. Internet speed.

Question 8:Will the date taken of a Skype Video snapshot appear on a foto that I imported into my pics?
I had several video snapshots from Skype that were imported into my Windows
Pictures. Looking back I want to know, if the dates on them are from the day they
were imported or the date the snapshots were taken.

Answer: As always, under Windows, the date shown is the date it was taken, in the Details View.

The only exception to this is when you make a copy to a USB Flash Drive, for example, which sometimes shows the date the file was copied, in the Details View.

But, right-click and view Properties to see when the original photo was taken.

Question 9:How can I record a Skype Video Chat so I can put it into a movie?
I am helping my football coach with our school’s football recruiting video. One of our players last year is in Florida with the Gators, he can’t come up for an interview, so we were going to Skype of iChat him and ask the questions. If there is a free and program that I can download that will get me good quality video and/or sound? Even if its recording everything that is on the screen that is fine.

Answer: Ecamm is your best choice since you are on MAC. We recommend Supertintin on Windows. Many people use camstudio also which is a general purpose screen recorder. Ecammm and Supertintin are designed for online video recording only.
Ecamm: $20. Supertinti: $30 Camstudio: Free

Question 10:How can I get my Acer Cyrstal Eye Webcam to work with Skype video on my Acer ApireOne Netbook?
I recently downloaded Skype, and for some reason, when I go to video call someone, I can see them but it says there was an unknown error on the video on my end.

Answer: Open Skype, Tools->Options->Video Setting, and check your webcam.

Question 11:How can I download my SKYPE video conversations with sound?
I tried to down load my SKYPE conversations with my family abroad while they were chatting with me using video communication but failed.Please let me know how to do it.Thanks.

Answer: Try Supertintin (Wondows) or Ecamm (Mac).

Question 12:What options for recording of video conversations using SKYPE and MSN messenger.I already have both programmes but do not know how to record video conversations while I am talking to my family in a foreign country.Can anybody help me?Thanks.

Answer: Try Supertintin (Wondows) or Ecamm (Mac).

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