New features in Skype 5.0 Beta for Mac

From Skype:

The new features in Skype 5.0 Beta for Mac are designed to make your life simpler, and to make it even easier to do more together – even when you’re apart.

New look Full screen window, with the sidebar containing Contacts, Favorites and Recent conversations.
Group video calling (beta) Make a group video call with your friends or colleagues.
Offline instant messaging Send messages to a contact, even if they’re offline. They’ll receive them the next time they sign in.
Full text searching Search contacts and conversations for a word or phrase.
Favorites Add people you frequently contact, and important conversations to your Favorites list so you can find them faster.
Call control bar The new mini call bar allows you to hang up, mute, and manage calls without having to switch back to Skype.
Add phone numbers to contacts Show a contact’s profile and add their mobile, home or work phone number.
Contacts Monitor Access your online contacts quickly with a mini Contact list that sits on top of any web pages or documents you’ve got open.
Avatar flow Flick through your contacts’ profile pictures instead of viewing them as a list.
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