How to Maintain Your Skype Privacy

VoIP applications are popularly known as social or instant messaging apps. Once installed, you start to add and accept contacts whom you want to exchange calls and messages with. The same works for Skype. That’s why a contact request is always vital.

Two-way street

Your contact invite should be accepted first before you can call your friend. This is the reason why some are having difficulties trying to video call a specific contact. One reason that can be preventing you from calling a friend is they may only allow calls from friends who are in their contact list. If this happens, try to make sure they already accepted your request and then try calling again.

Ninja settings

To take full control of your Skype privacy settings, you need to sign into your Skype on your Windows desktop or Mac. Remember that whatever settings you save will remain on your other devices.

For Windows users, you can manage your settings under the Skype tab, and then select Privacy.

Skype Privacy Windows

For Mac users, select Preferences under the Skype tab, and then the Privacy window will appear.

Skype Privacy

  • The instant messaging setting options allow you to choose between allowing anyone to send you IMs or those only in your contact list. However, this does not affect their introduction message when they send you a contact request.
  • The voice calls settings give you the same options of allowing anyone or limiting receiving calls from your contacts only.
  • The same options are available for video calls and screen sharing settings, but choosing not to allow anyone to share their video or screen is also available.

To join or not to join

This is not as easy like the settings for individual contacts. But here’s what you should expect when you’re invited to a group chat or call:

  • You need to accept your friend’s contact request and vice versa before they can add you to a group chat.
  • Once you’re already added in a group chat, you’ll be receiving messages from everyone in the group, even members who aren’t in your contacts.
  • You won’t be able to receive incoming files in a group from any member who is not your contact.
  • You can join or refuse a group call that is initiated by someone outside your contact list.
  • You also have the choice to show their video, when someone who is not a contact of yours is sharing their screen while on the call.

For you to be able to maximize your Skype experience with your friends, you need to make sure that whenever you send a contact request to them they must accept your request and vice versa. It’s got to be a mutual thing, and then everything else will follow.

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