Audio or Video? Make the Call.

Video calls vs Audio calls

Doing business has gotten easier. Conversations and transactions have been keeping up with the fast paced industry thanks to technology. Now, meetings and conferences can be made at any place and at any time, may it be on your computer, handheld phone, or tablet!

With Skype’s audio and video call services, you can practically connect to anyone found anywhere in the globe. No more transportation expenses to consider ’cause all you need are the right gadgets and specifications to get your business on the go.

Contact that supplier of yours and arrange that shipment, get in touch with your remote staff for a quick brainstorming session, or get a hold of that business parter and seal that deal. All of these can happen at an instance through Skype. It’s just a matter of deciding which kind of call, audio or video, to make.

Ask Yourself, What Call Will Get The Job Done?

Context is key. While both audio and video calls provide that intimate setting, they still have their function differences. Audio calls show its direct nature by allowing individuals to attack the concern at hand without any distractions. With the internet or the network all dedicated to producing that call, matters can be settled quickly. Video calls on the other hand, show its direct nature by offering visuals. Individuals get to see each other’s figure and gestures, as if face to face, as long as parties have the necessary gadgets and a trusty connection.

If you’re agenda is simply to settle a quick complication or to make a request, audio calls are more preferred. Video calls come in when you have business meetings or consultations to hold.

The thing with audio calls is that all you need is internet or a network and you’re good to go. Video calls require much more in terms of gadgets and specifications, like a good webcam and mic, and sufficient bandwidth. It is best to consider which kind of call is more suitable for parties and if parties are equipped with the necessary requirements.

In the end, its all about using the appropriate means to communicate efficiently for your business.

On that note, why not take a precautionary step forward and record your calls, whichever kind it may be? Try SuperTinTin and make sure your business’ most important conversations and transaction are recorded for future reference.


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