Tips for Better Skype Audio and Video

Better Skype Audio

When talking to someone over Skype, it is important for you to not only sound good but also to look recognizes your face. So, here are three tips for better Skype audio and visual quality on your next call.

1. Fix your room’s lighting

A well-lighted room boosts the video quality of your calls. Avoid turning your back against the light so that your face won’t appear dark when talking to someone. If the room’s level of lighting is low, your webcam will automatically adjust the brightness of the picture reducing the video quality. It is better to be in a room where there’s an enough and balanced lighting and that there’s no bright light at your back.

2. Be in a quiet area

Take note that for two people to understand each other over Skype, noise should be lessened, so, it is very important for you to be in a quiet and peaceful place while talking with someone. It is not advisable to be in a very large room as it would cause echo during the calls. It’s better to be an area where there are furniture that can block the echoes. Also, a quiet and peaceful area is best suited to record Skype calls.

3. Keep away from dark backgrounds

Just like avoiding overly bright rooms, you should also avoid dark backgrounds because your webcam will recognize that you’re in a dark room so it would automatically amplify the light settings and will overexpose your face. With that, your face will appear dark to the one you’re talking to and to avoid that, pick an area with a desirable light background.

With your video and audio quality better, you can now start some easy-flowing calls. You can give it a try by recording your calls using the best Skype video and recorder—Supertintin. Just visit to know more about this product.


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