10 Facts About Skype That You Should Know

About Skype

1. The best way to add friends on Skype is by their Skype name.

You can also find contacts by their email address or their name in the Skype Directory.

2. Getting started with Skype is extremely easy.

The most logical starting point is to download Skype into your device. Afterwards, it’s quite simple to create an account and start adding friends on your contacts page.

3. Good working microphones and speakers on both ends of the line are important.

When you can’t hear your friend during a call, the problem could be because of his microphone or your earphones, and vice versa.

4. You can test video quality prior to making a call.

Just look under Tools, then Options and then General. Click on Video Settings. This should automatically show you a feed of what your camera is directed at. This is very important if you want to record Skype video.

5. Skype posts Status Announcements in their Heartbeat blog.

Things like maintenance and connection issues are posted there as well.

6. Skype has great paid services that are cheap.

For minimal fees, you can make calls to landline and mobile numbers, send texts and get a Skype Number so your friends can call you. You can even connect to WiFi hubs anywhere in the world with Skype WiFi.

7. Resetting your password on Skype depends on how you sign in.

When you need to reset your password, it is best to follow the instruction from the method with which you log in.

8. Better internet connection means better quality Skype calls.

As a general rule, a line connection is better than WiFi and a WiFi connection is better than mobile data connection.

9. Skype is not just for your computer.

Skype is also available for cell phones, tablets, landlines and even television. Just download the right format from the Skype Download page.

10. You can get support for Skype from a variety of sources.

First of all, there’s Skype Support where around 600 FAQs about Skype are answered. You can also interact with and learn from millions of other Skype users in Skype Community. If you’re more comfortable with social media, there’s the Skype Facebook page and twitter (@SkypeSupport).

PS: Need to record Skype video calls when chatting with people in Skype Community? Use Supertintin!

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