4 Easy Ways to Message Offline Skype Friends

Message Offline Skype

When urgent matters come in, it is important to send a message to any friend that you think can give you a hand. But, in case, you see them offline, here are four useful ways to message offline Skype friends.

1. Sending via SMS text message (need Skype credits). There are two ways in sending via text message. First is by right-clicking the contact then selecting the Send SMS Message at the drop-down menu.

Second is, by clicking the contact – which led you into the conversation box – and clicking the via Skype (at the bottom part of the box) then selecting SMS.

2. Calling their mobile or landline phone (need Skype credits). This is another way to contact an offline friend directly. Click the friend you want to contact in your Skype Contact list then see if there is a save mobile phone or home/landline phone in his/her profile. You can easily determine that by looking a button – Call Home, Call Mobile or at some instances, Call Office.

3. Call Forwarding. Many Skype users often aware of this feature (especially those who regularly pay for subscription), mainly for emergency purposes. So, if your friend’s Skype was set up for call forwarding. You can easily forward a voice call message to his/her mobile phone, of course via Skype.

4. Voice Messaging. This feature allows your friend or contact to receive your call messages only when he/she is online again. Not a good idea for urgent matters but the good thing is, it is free. 

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