How to Call Phones via Skype

Call Phones via Skype

While Skype offers many options on how to call them, here is how to do it using their Dial Pad. Here is how to call phones via Skype:

1. Start your Skype! Login by typing your account information

2. At the left corner of your Skype Home, there would be a blue “new call” icon. Begin by tapping or clicking it.

3. Now that the dial pad is displayed, you can now input the number you want to call

4. You may tap or click the green call icon, it could be found below the dial pad

5. Remember to choose the country you’d like to call, it is found above the dial pad.

Skype call all the way!

As I mentioned above, there are other ways on how to call others using Skype. You can also contact them directly on their mobile phones or landlines if they have a saved contact number in their profile. You could even call them even if they’re not on Skype! Here are simple steps to do it:

1. Login to Skype

2. Select the person you want to call on your contact list. There would be a new window that will open once you selected a contact.

3. Now tap the green call icon and select the number you want to call.

More features!

Easy as that right? That’s how powerful Skype is! You could even call your recently dialled number! To do this, just apply these steps:

1. In the top left corner of Skype, click recent

2. It will display your recent calls; now select the contact you want to communicate with

3. Tap the green call icon on the window that opens.

4. Congratulations! Tell them how you miss them J

Make your Skype experience last forever

Having the thought that you will miss them eventually? Are you afraid that you might not be able to talk with them for a period of time? Well there is a solution for that! We have here a Skype recorded known as Supertintin! Recording Skype video calls even normal calls is now possible with this software!

Now you don’t have to wonder when to recall your Skype memories with them, you could just record every call you do and play it again and again if you miss them. Go ahead and download it at

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