How to Use Skype on Xbox One

Skype on Xbox One

The new Xbox ONE was launched with a big BANG recently and instantly all units were sold out in just hours after the launching. But the best news is that you can also use Skype in the new Xbox ONE. But the million dollar question would be; how do you use Skype on Xbox ONE? The answer is easy once you have read this article.

  1. Before you can enjoy the full features of Skype in your Xbox One you have to create a Microsoft account and an active subscription on Xbox Live Gold. The primary account holder will be the one eligible in case you are sharing your Xbox Live Gold Subscription.
    Subscriptions are only available on the following countries; US, UK, Mexico, Spain, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Germany, France, Austria and Italy. To activate your Skype account on Xbox One, just sign in to Skype and if you will receive an invitation to activate it if you are eligible.
  2. After activation, you will be able to access Skype’s premium features for at least 6 months. You will also have 100 minutes worth of landline call in over 50 countries. You can use this free call if your friends or families are not online.
  3. Once you have full access to your Skype account via Xbox One, you can now create a group and start a group video call using your Xbox. Just select a contact that you want to add to your group and then select “Add participants”, then select “Add”, and lastly, select “Video Call”.

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