Stay Connected With Skype WiFi for Mac

Skype WiFi

When you’re on the go with your Macbook and you suddenly find a need to connect to the internet, well worry no more thanks to Skype WiFi.

Skype WiFi allows users to connect to almost a million WiFi hotspots that are in partnership with Skype around the globe. No more will you need to approach the establishment’s counter to pay for their internet connection; just open the app, pay with your Skype Credits, and you’re set.

How to connect using Skype WiFi for Mac:

1.)   On your Mac, sign in to Skype. (Make sure that your Skype is updated to the latest version)

2.)   When you are around a hotspot that’s partnered with Skype, a notification will appear asking if you would like to connect to this hotspot. The cost for connecting to that hotspot will also be shown.

3.)   If the said notification doesn’t appear, click “Window” then “Skype WiFi”.

4.)   If you have an account with the hotspot’s internet provider, you may click “I have an account with this provider” and provide your username and password. Otherwise, click “Connect”.

5.)   To disconnect from the service, click “Window” then “Skype WiFi” where you’ll find your remaining minutes and the disconnect button. You can also rate the hotspot you’ve just used, from 1 to 5 stars.


1.)   Skype WiFi allows you to stay connected for 30 minutes before automatically disconnecting. You can set it up a notch by clicking the option icon, which looks like a gear, the next time you connect. Connection time can be extended up to 60 or 120 minutes.

2.)    Skype WiFi only charges your connection time per minute, so there’s no need to sweat over your data consumption. You won’t get disconnected for reaching a certain data limit.

3.)   Worried that you don’t have any Skype Credit to connect? You can purchase Skype Credits through Skype Wifi when you’re in a supported hotspot.

4.)   You may also make Skype calls (local and mobile calls around the world) when you’re connected with Skype WiFi. Read your email, surf the net with your browser, chat while using your favorite Skype video recorder, like Supertintin. It’s just like your internet connection at home, although keep in mind that you’re still bound with the terms and conditions of the provider, which will be presented to you before you connect.

So the next time you head out to a foreign country, Skype WiFi’s got you covered when you need to surf the net. Sign in, fire up Skype WiFi, and stay connected!

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