Set Up Your Skype Webcam for Windows 8.1

Skype WebcamGetting your webcam to function correctly for a Skype video call is definitely not a problem for those using Windows 8.1. You are guaranteed to have a smooth experience as long as your internet, computer and Skype webcam are running smoothly.

Read on and I will teach you how to get the most of your video chats:

1. Install the webcam properly

Your first step should be to check beforehand if the webcam is properly installed. To do this, simply go to Windows Start. Key in “device manager” and click the result. Next, go to the “imaging devices” branch and check if the webcam is included in the list. If you see it there, then that means you are ready to use Skype’s camera feature. Otherwise, you will need to reinstall the webcam with the help of its driver or software.

2. Ensure that your webcam allows Skype usage

After making sure that your webcam is really functional, you also have to check if your hardware allows Skype usage. To do this, click Skype, press Win+C and go to the “permissions” menu. The permission should be turned on for the webcam to work each time you go for video calls.

3. Pick a default camera for Skype

Laptop users with integrated webcams on their units will always be ready to take advantage of Skype’s video features.

In case you have an internal webcam, it makes sense to check ahead which Skype uses by default when you receive calls. To check or tweak your settings, click Skype, press Win+C, go to “options” and choose from the list under “camera.”

With a good webcam, it is a safe bet that you’ll have a wonderful Skype experience as you get in touch with loved ones or important business contacts. Feel free to browse around if you want to learn additional tricks such as how to record Skype video calls and more.

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