Fix Slow Computers for Better Skype Calls

Better Skype CallsYou’re about to make an important Skype call, but the call quality guide tells you that your computer is slow. If only you can slap your dual core sticker on the guide’s forehead, right? But, given that you do have a dual core processor, why does Skype insist that your computer is slow?

Don’t blame the processor. Most probably it’s your internet connection.

Even though the guide tells you it’s your computer that’s slow, your first culprit should be the internet connection. First off, a manageable Skype call needs at least 500kbps download speed. You’ll need twice as much for a clear Skype call, clear enough to use a Skype recorder. Check your current download speed.

If you’re using WiFi, switch to an ethernet cable. No matter how fast your wireless internet is, it’s still highly unstable. And an unstable internet is still a no-good internet for Skype calls. Ethernet cables are still the best type of connection for crystal clear Skype calls.

Next, check your current hardware. Your webcam needs to have great quality for video calls. Logitech is the best recommended brand for high-quality Skype calls. In terms of processors, crystal clear Skype video calls need at least a 1.8 Ghz processor. If you’ll need to record  Skype video calls, you’ll need to free up some RAM.

Before losing your patience, check these things first. Everyone wants an uninterrupted Skype video call, especially if it’s with a loved one. So many memories are shared through Skype now.

Don’t you just wish there was a way for you to keep those memories? Now there is, with this neat Skype call recorder SuperTinTin. With SuperTinTin, you’re sure that your computer won’t lag because it doesn’t use screen capture technology. It has easy recording features and easy playback. Start saving those memories now with SuperTinTin!

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