The Secret to the Best Skype Calls

Don’t you just hate it when you’re in the middle of an important Skype call, and suddenly you get disconnected? Do you want to know the secret to having the best, seamless Skype calls?

It’s simple: it all boils down to your connection.

fast skype call

Go wireless or not?

This debate has gone on since Skype started to revolutionize VoIP. Is wireless internet better for Skype calls, or is the cable still the best solution? According to Skype blogger Matthew de Beer, the Ethernet cable still trumps WiFi. Aside from providing a much more stable connection, Ethernet still is faster. This comes in handy especially if you’re using a Skype recorder.

For mobile data, if it can maintain a download speed of 1-2 Mbps, you can have a decent Skype video call. But between wireless internet and mobile data, you’re better off with WiFi.

Don’t ignore the hardware

Aside from the internet connection, you can also check your hardware for ways to speed up your connection and increase the quality of your Skype calls.

First off, check any other program that eats up a lot of your RAM. Skype tends to hog your memory, most especially when making video calls. This is what that huge RAM is for, but that is not enough. Your processor must be running at at least 1.8 GHz for your Skype calls to run smoothly.

A faster connection means better Skype calls and uninterrupted moments. Skype has truly brought the world closer by bridging long distances through their high quality video calls. New memories are created, even though families are far apart.

What better way to preserve these memories than to record your Skype calls? SuperTinTin is the best Skype recorder around. It doesn’t use a screen-capture technology, so the video quality will not change if you minimize the tool. It can record both audio and video streams quick and easy. Hurry and grab this amazing software!

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