How to Get the Best Connection for Skype

Best Connection for Skype

The perfect Skype call is determined by having the best internet connection. This can be wired, wireless or 4G. But how do you get the best connection for Skype?

  1. If wired connection is possible, select this option first. Wired connection will always be faster than WiFi or 4G networks. Wired connection provides stability and this always beat speed when it comes to having quality calls.
  2. If you are making a choice between WiFi and 3G, use WiFi.
  3. If you are making a choice between WiFi and 4G, run a speed test app.
    1. First, turn-on WiFi and check the speed using the speed test app.
    2. Second, turn-off WiFi and check the speed using the app.
    3. If the speed is faster with WiFi off, then use the 4G network. But be mindful of your data limit.
    4. Use Task Manager to check which other applications or programs are using your internet connection. To do this:
      1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del and select Task Manager.
      2. This opens the default tab, Processes where you’ll see everything running on your PC and how much CPU, Memory, Disk and Network is being used.
      3. Check if there are any other programs using a lot of Network and consider closing them.
      4.  This should greatly improve the quality of your Skype call.
      5. If you are not at home, you can get great connection by using Skype WiFi. You only need Skype Credit to be able to connect to public WiFi hotspots with Skype WiFi.

Once you get the perfect Skype connection and Skype call quality, you would want to record your Skype call. To do so, you can download a free Skype video call recorder from and preserve the memory of that great call. Visit the website now for your free Skype recorder.

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