For Clear Skype Connection, Check your Bandwidth Now!

Clear Skype Connection

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) requires minimum bandwidth in order to get the best out of communicating over the web.

To avoid interruption when calling someone or when you record Skype video calls, you need to make sure that your internet bandwidth meets the minimum download and upload speeds per type of call you make.

Call type

Minimum download
/ upload speed

Recommended download
/ upload speed


30kbps / 30kbps

100kbps / 100kbps

Video calling /
Screen sharing

128kbps / 128kbps

300kbps / 300kbps

Video calling

400kbps / 400kbps

500kbps / 500kbps

Video calling

1.2Mbps / 1.2Mbps

1.5Mbps / 1.5Mbps

Group video
(3 people)

512kbps / 128kbps

2Mbps / 512kbps

Group video
(5 people)

2Mbps / 128kbps

4Mbps / 512kbps

Group video
(7+ people)

4Mbps / 128kbps

8Mbps / 512kbps

To verify if your internet service provider gave you enough bandwidth for a clear Skype connection, follow these instructions:

  1. In the Contacts list, choose the contact you want to call.
  2. Click on the Check Settings icon on the call window.
  3. Click “Test Now” in the connection tab.
  4. Skype will then check your internet connection and give you the results. This process will also check your other equipment such as microphone, speaker, webcam and PC’s performance.

Most of the time, calls are seamless in normal connections. Video calls take up a lot of bandwidth. It is highly recommended to do the following in order to free up some bandwidth and allocate it to Skype when doing a Video call:

  1. Close all other applications which are connected to the internet, especially those which stream or download video and audio.
  2. If you are transferring files, cancel it and resume after the video call is over.

Should connection problems persist, contact your internet service provider for further assistance. Visit for more information on maximizing your Skype usage.

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