Control Your Skype Data Usage for Windows 8.1

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How much data can Skype use on Windows 8.1?

Skype experience on Windows 8.1 is a whole lot amazing, thinking you can even answer incoming calls from your lock screen, or do a handful of tasks using the app all at the same time. However, in this version of Windows, you should be watchful of your Skype data use, that is the bandwidth (amount of data downloaded and uploaded by your PC).

This amount depends upon what features of Skype, you’re currently using. For example, video calls consume greater bandwidth than the simple voice calls.

Practical steps to consider in managing your data use

Choose metered internet connection as your network connection setting. This will help your PC keep the data amount it sends or receives within its limit. Doing so will let you avoid extra charges from internet service providers or internet speed running slower than usual. You may also turn off your network connection if you have exceeded your bandwidth limit.

Receive and make calls when your mobile broadband service is unlimited. If this is your case, you can now switch to non-metered internet connection and Skype-all-you-want. Yet, if you notice the internet speed running slower, you may simply disconnect your mobile broadband device for a few minutes and connect it again afterwards.

Manage your contacts smartly. Choose contacts wisely by only adding whom you really need to communicate with by using Skype as the only available easiest channel. You may otherwise create new Skype account wherein you’ll only include favorites.

Easy on your calls! Do not immediately accept calls from everyone. The practical thing to do is to accept calls coming from your contacts only. Aside from the fact that it helps reduce your bandwidth, it also hinders cybercriminals from harming you.

Switch from video call to voice call. Doing so will also minimize data consumption.

Use Skype via Wi-fi access. Receive calls, instant messages, or data transfer if connected to Wi-fi internet service.

How to record Skype video calls

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