How To Prepare For A Skype Date

Skype Date

Long distance relationship sucks and the miles between you and your loved one usually affects the burning passion in your lovelife.  But  thanks to Skype, you can still enjoy your Friday night with him, no matter where he is in the globe.

One of the pros in Skype dating is you could always check how you look, without having to excuse yourself to go the bathroom every five minutes. You don’t even have to worry about food getting stuck between your teeth! So between choosing face to face dinner and Skype dates, there will be days you’ll prefer the latter, especially during times where you feel you’re not at your best.

So during Skype dates, make the most out of it by following the tips below.

Tips when preparing for a Skype date

1. Skype somewhere private

Couples don’t want other people nosing around during their cozy time so instead of holding your Skype dates in a noisy cafe, why not have it in the privacy of your own pad? This way, you won’t be limited with what you talk about, without having to worry about other people eavesdropping on your conversation.

2. Have a strong internet connection

Being in an LDR does not only require strong feelings between two people, but a strong internet connection as well. Freezing kills that romantic moment you have already established during your video calls, especially if it captures your most unflattering moment.

3. Wear bright, happy colors

Not all webcameras feature high resolution so make the most our of what you have by wearing something that will standout in the camera. Try wearing yellow, pink or other funky colors that will not only enhance how you look like during your calls, but uplift your mood as well.

4. Get good lighting

The best lighting set up would be the one that’s set up behind your monitor, and another one beside you so that all angles are captured. As much as possible, avoid capturing videos against the light so you won’t appear in a silhouette to your boyfriend.

5. Set the perfect angle

Set your camera in level with your eyeline or slightly above you, to avoid getting double chins when looking down on your computer. When doing video calls, look directly to the camera and avoid constantly checking out how you look like while your’e video calling.

SuperTinTin is a Skype recorder app that allows you to record video calls so you could watch them over and over again. So if you’re missing him and can’t do anything about it, just watch the video and you’ll get by until your next Skype date.

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