Beware of Fake Skype Emails!

Fake Skype emails

Have you checked your email lately? Is this email not linked to your Skype account? Then why do you have it? It’s a fake!

Various fake Skype emails have been circulating nonstop in the web. These emails come from someone that claims to be Skype Newsletter or from If you can observe, the From: email address may not have been from but keep in mind that this is not the only indicator to consider it a fake as anyone can easily spoof the address.

The fake emails have different version asking you to verify your account, download the latest version of Skype or notifying a recent password change. Here is one of the emails that came from the latter address above:

This is an automated email, please don’t reply.

Hi there, [invalid url] password successfully changed

Your new skype password has been set.

You can now [invalid url], view your call history or change your account settings.

If the changes described above are accurate, no further action is needed. If anything doesn’t look right, follow the link below to make changes: [invalid url]

Talk soon,
The people at skype

[invalid url] · [invalid url] · [invalid url] · [invalid url] · [invalid url]

Getting help for skype
While you cannot reply to this email, you can contact us through our [invalid url] for assistance.
You can also visit [invalid url]

Protect your password
Skype staff will never ask you for your password via email. The only places you are asked for your password are when you sign in to skype or on our website if you want to buy something or check your account. You will always sign in via a secure connection, and we ask you to ensure that the address in your browser begins exactly like this [invalid url] it should also show a little padlock symbol to indicate the secure connection.

Be alert to emails that request account information or urgent action. Be cautious of websites with irregular addresses or those that offer unofficial skype downloads. Security updates and product upgrades are made available at [invalid url] or using the client’s upgrade function.

Make sure that you do not follow any of the instructions written on the email. Do not download or fill up anything from the URL link (we’ve blanked those URLs out for your protection). Such emails are created for account phishing. The email is bogus and aims to steal any information you may enter.

Remember that Skype only initiates software upgrades when you log on to your account or directly from its official website. If you receive such emails delete them right away or mark them as spam. You can also report other spamming and phishing incidents directly to Skype.

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