The Simple Guide in Fixing Skype Freeze in Windows 7

Fixing Skype Freeze

There are things that are beyond our capabilities to fix, but there are also things that we can fix. But we only need a guide on how to fix it.

There are a couple of reports that Windows Explorer suddenly freezes in when you are signing in at Skype. Fixing Skype freeze ups should not be much of a problem. Here are some of the things that you can do when you are facing the same situation: 

  1. You can launch the taskbar by pressing the “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “Esc”.  This will launch the task manager and from here you can terminate all the running processes in your computer. Just terminate Skype and close the task manager. This is 99% effective most of the time.
  2. One of the reasons why your Explorer freezes when you are signing in to Skype is because of some browser compatibility issues. You can close your browser and sign in to Skype and see if your computer freezes or not.
  3. You may have a case of corrupted registry. This will certainly affects various programs and applications installed in your computer. Windows registry is like a database for all the information and system settings in Windows. When a user installs and uninstalls programs, the registry is informed. When you do not follow proper instructions, you can corrupt the registry of your computer. You can try cleaning it with some registry cleaners that are available over the internet.
  4. Many Skype users install plug-ins, and this can sometimes slow down the system or freeze Windows Explorer. You can uninstall the Skype plug-ins to solve your problem.
  5. The last resort will be uninstalling Skype completely and installing the version that works in your system. Just take note of the Skype version that you are able to use video and audio calls flawlessly and without any freezes or system slow down.

When your Skype is up and running again and you can make video and audio calls, be sure to record Skype calls for future reference or when your system suddenly crashes. The best Skype recorder today is Supertintin recorder. It can record high quality video and audio calls. It is user friendly and powerful.

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