How To Use The I Make Sense of the Skype Video Call Button?

Skype Video Call

The video call button on Skype is the tool that shows you your capability to make video calls – and by extension to record Skype video calls – on the program. The discussion below will guide you in understanding these indicators and what to do with them.

Why does my Skype video call button appear to have a red line running through it?

Don’t panic. This simply means that you haven’t turned on your video yet. Just click on your video call button and it will activate your video instantly.

Why is my video call button missing?

That is not a glitch in the system. Your video call button will not appear if Skype doesn’t detect your ability to capture a video to transmit to your contact on the opposite line. In such cases, the button will be hidden. One possible reason for this is that you have not properly plugged or connected your webcam to your computer or device.

Are there other instances which will prevent me from making video calls?

There are two other instances possible. When doing a video call involving a group of people, make sure that at least one of the persons in the group has a Skype Premium subscription. A pop-up window will appear to let you know if you need a Skype Premium subscription in the group.

Finally, if anyone in your group is using an outdated version of Skype, or is on a mobile device, chances are they will not be able to receive the group video call. They will be able to hear and reply to you but they won’t see the video feed of anyone in the group. The best solution for this is to regularly update to the latest version of Skype.

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