A Quick FAQ Guide: Skype for Xbox One

Skype for Xbox One

Specifically created for the Xbox One console, Skype for Xbox One is a great communication tool for friends and families who want to enjoy video calls without cramping together on a small monitor screen.

With this amazing technology, you can conveniently stay at your living room, use your television and take advantage of Xbox One’s Kinect features as you get in touch with your contacts. This means you’ll get a kick out of Kinect’s wide-angle camera as well as its microphone with voice-recognition capabilities. Moreover, you may also utilize the console’s voice and gesture controls so you can accept and end all calls without even pressing a button.

Here are some quick answers to frequently asked questions:

How do I get started?

First off, there’s no need for you to create a new Skype account as you start using Xbox One. You may use your existing account and the good thing here is that the console will automatically recognize your location so you will no longer be required to enter your password each time you sign in.

While you need to have an Xbox Live Gold membership before you can start using the service, Skype for Xbox One is entirely free. You will not be asked to pay for your calls as long as you do not exceed the permitted limit.

Is it possible to use the other Xbox One features while running Skype?

Of course! You may play games or catch TV shows while waiting for a call. Just go to the quiet settings if you want to control notifications anytime. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about missing on important calls.

I can’t edit or remove Instant Messages. What’s wrong with my Skype?

Actually, your Skype is running normal. As of this writing, Skype for Xbox One does not have snap support, SMS capabilities, voicemail, IM edit and deleted, send video messages, and more.

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