How To Fix Skype Connection Problems

Fix Skype Connection

There can be many causes to a problematic calls and here are several ways on how to fix Skype connection problems:

Check Internet Connection Speed

Skype requires an upload and download speed of 100kbps for normal calls and minimum 1.2Mbps for an HD video call (recommended is 1.5Mbps). To check your connection speed, follow these steps:

  1. Initiate a call.
  2. Click on “Check Settings” button.
  3. Select “Test Now”.
  4. If your connection is not fast enough, Skype will suggest closing other Internet applications or pausing downloads or uploads.

Note: The connection problem may also originate from the other end of the call.

Upgrade Skype and Computer Software

Skype recommends using the latest Skype version and computer operating systems to take advantage of new technology and bug fixes.

To check for Skype updates in Windows 8:

  1. Open the Home screen.
  2. Tap the “Store” tile and select “Updates”.
  3. If a new Skype version is available, it will also appear in the Updates.
  4. Tap the tile and follow the prompts to complete installation.

Note: Also download the latest software updates for your operating system. Windows 8.1 features Skype as the default messaging program.

Confirm Skype Credit Availability

If you are experiencing problems connecting to a landline or mobile phone, the problem might be due to insufficient credit. Here are some things you can do to verify the cause of the problem:

  1. Check your credit by selecting “Account” from the Skype menu.
  2. Verify the number and geographic location of the number you are trying to call if it falls within your plan’s coverage.
  3. Check if you exceeded your monthly calling cap which might be the case for a limited subscription.

Verify Skype Functionality

Sometimes, connection issues might be due to Skype problems. To see the status of Skype services, check their Heartbeat blog.

  1. Look for the icons representing Call Phones, Skype Number, Voice Messaging and Skype SMS at the top of the blog.
  2. If Skype has a problem, the status under each icon will reflect it and there would be a corresponding blog post to inform you of the expected solution time.
  3. Once the issue is resolved, a notice is added to the post together with a timestamp.

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