How to Troubleshoot Skype Lync Connectivity

Skype Lync

Before attempting any troubleshooting steps to fix Skype Lync connections, check that the following conditions are met:

  1. Skype user must be signed in with a Microsoft account.
  2. If Skype user is using their own email address as a Microsoft ID (i.e. vs then format their name as bob( when you add them as a contact.
  3. To receive contact requests from Skype, Lync users must set their alert levels to allow this. To do so:
    1. Go to Options > Alerts > Contacts not using Lync
    2. Choose “Allow invites but block all other communications” or “Allow anyone to contact me”

Here are several problems with Skype-Lync connections and the troubleshooting guide for them:

1) Lync user does not receive a contact request from a Skype user

This happens when the Lync user has options set so they are not notified when someone else adds them as contact.

  1. Lync user must go to: Options > Alerts > General Alerts
  2. Select “Tell me when someone adds me to their contact list”

2) Lync  user removes a Skype user but Skype user can still see Lync user’s presence and send IMs

This happens when Lync user chooses Remove from Group instead of Remove from Contact List.

  1. Go to Lync main window
  2. Click Relationships
  3. Remove Skype user from list

3) Lync user calls a Skype user and call fails

This is an issue that will be fixed in the next service update. Try calling again.

4) Lync user can’t communicate with Skype user who has a Microsoft account with customer domain

Happens when Lync user adds Skype user using their customer Microsoft account and the result is they can’t see their presence or send them IMs.

  1. Add the contact using format: bob( where is the custom Microsoft account name.

5) Skype user signed in with a new Microsoft account and noticed a delay of several minutes in seeing presence status of newly-added Lync contact

Happens when Skype user signs in with a newly created Microsoft account and Lync user has the following alert setting: Options > Alerts > Contacts not using Lync > Allow anyone to contact me.

To resolve this:

  1. Wait for five minutes or
  2. Sign out of Skype and sign back in.

6) Skype and Lync user removed each other as contacts then attempted to add each other as contacts again but are unsuccessful

Happens when Skype and Lync user both removes each other as contact and when one user tries to add the other, the other person does not receive a contact request.

Both users must both add each other as contacts.

Skype-Lync connectivity is a great way to enjoy Skype. However, problems might indeed arise. But when they are solved, you can already try to record Skype video calls using a free Skype video call recorder available at Visit their website now for a free download!

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