How to Troubleshoot Skype Voice Messaging

Skype Voice Messaging

Unbeknownst to many, Skype has a free Voice Messaging feature, which allows your callers to leave a  message when you are offline or unable to answer. If you meet problems in using Skype Voice Messaging, try these tips to solve usual voice messaging problems.

Problem: Voice Messaging is enabled in my account, but it’s not yet active in my Skype.   

Solution: Double-check if the Voice Messaging is Enabled. Sign in to your account > Manage Features, then select Voice Messages. If Voice Messaging is disabled, try logging-out of Skype and log back in. The feature should be enabled and you can start setting up, by recording your first voice message greeting.

Problem: I signed in Skype on another computer/mobile device but I cannot retrieve my voice messages.

Solution: Once a message has been retrieved, its file data is stored locally on your computer. Therefore, you won’t be able to replay it if you will sign in to Skype using a different computer or device. You will need to log-in to your own computer or device to save your voice messages locally.

*Skype for Windows desktop: your voice messages are saved as .DAT files in C:/Documents and Settings/username/Application Data/SkypeName/voicemail.

*Skype for Mac OS X: your voice messages are saved as .DAT files in Library > Application Support > Skype > Skype_username > Voicemail.

Problem: I have voice messages that are not listened to yet  and I couldn’t locate them.

Solution: Usually, voice messages that are not yet listened to are stored on Skype servers for 60 days before they are automatically deleted. Go to the Recent tab and you should see new voice messages lined-up. Click “play” to listen.  If you can’t hear the recording, check your audio settings. You can try to restart the Skype client to reload new voice messages on the Recent tab.

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