Get The Most Out Of Outlook With Skype

Outlook With Skype

Now, your email comes with a ready Skype tool that lets you send SMS, call, or video chat wherever you want less the trouble of having to toggle between an open browser and your Skype window.

Find out how upgrade Outlook With Skype using these basic, easy-to-follow steps:

1.) Login to your Microsoft email account.

2.) Download the Skype plug-in by clicking the messaging icon on the upper right corner of the navigation bar, beside the settings button.

3.) Select “Get Started” on the plug-in window that opens.

4.) Choose your settings. If you have used Skype before and have previously linked it to your email, the tool would be ready for use. Otherwise, if you don’t have a Skype account yet, the screen instructions will guide you to complete the merging process.

5.) Once your plug-in is set and available, you are now ready to use all Skype features found in your regular Skype window without leaving your browser.

Simple, quick, and easy! Just what you need for a practical online connectivity that allows maximum convenience for instant communication with friends and family anywhere. Just like in your standard Skype window, you can select your Skype contact’s name in the contact pane and send a quick message, share files, and of course, video chat and call in one.

Please take note that Outlook supports messaging to contacts from sites as Google, Facebook, or Yahoo but calls are limited only to contacts using Skype accounts.

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