Convert Skype Voice Messages to Text via SpinVox

Skype Voice Messages to Text

Aside from recording Skype call , you can convert your voice messages to text messages through your mobile phone for a low cost. SpinVox converts your voice message into text format through your mobile phone for a low cost

What would be the advantage of converting Skype voice messages to text?

People who are busy when it comes to business, parenting, daily activities, and more, do not have the time to check their voice messages. But now with this feature your everyday life will be more convenient since your voice messages are converted into text messages and you can easily pick-up your phone and read it.

  1. Login into your account
  2. At the manage features section, click Voice Message.
  3. Below of the Voice message alert options, click the verify your mobile number menu.
  4. Enter your mobile number in the provided field and then click save settings.
    Note : This incurs the cost of one sms/text at standard rates. so you should have your Skype credits first. A text message will be sent into your mobile phone
  5. Enter your voice alert message confirmation code that you will receive once you did step 4.
  6. Learn more information about the SpinVox , where some useful information about SpinVox services are displayed,
  7. Put a check to acknowledge that you have read the terms of use and policies
  8. Click activate.

PS: If you’re going to record Skype video calls and convert them to text later, try out Supertintin. You won’t be disappointed!

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