Integrating Skype with Lync

Skype with LyncRecently, in middle of this year, an announcement painted a smile on the faces of Skype and Lync customers. Businesses are awed that Microsoft has now made the integration of these two platforms possible. The brilliance of Lync, together with the world wide reach of Skype is truly a huge transformation to any professional’s communication experience. Ever thought of having the power to communicate will the people you cared about? Now is that chance!


To date, Skype and Lync users can now enable presence sharing by adding Skype contacts to Lync and vice-versa. Another good thing they made available are the best working features of Skype – instant messaging and audio calling.


Here are the simple steps on how to integrate Skype with Lync:


  • First, you need to sign in to Skype with your Skype ID or Microsoft account.
  • Once you’re in, simply search your Lync contacts by using their email address to find them. Then just add away!
  • Lync users can add Skype contacts from their Microsoft Account, which is the same account used to sign in to, SkyDrive, Windows Phone, and Xbox Live.
  • When your added contacts have accepted your contact request, you can now begin talking! Send them an instant message or make an audio call.


It seems simple, right? Yes, it is! But Microsoft says that the requisition for the instant messaging connectivity may not be complicated, still a 30-day waiting period is expected for the activation of the back-end account. Another to wait for is the video connectivity feature that won’t be available until middle of 2014. Over time, Microsoft promises to add more capabilities.


This development from Microsoft breaks the barriers between business users of different applications and devices. With the help of other applications like Supertintin, a great enhancement is added to business communication reach. It’s a Skype recorder tool that enables you to record Skype calls.

While talking with your business contacts or friends, you can now keep a copy of your most important conversations. A union of a communications platform for business users and for consumers is the key for all the sides of a business to interact and increase productivity – and now, anywhere you want it!


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