How to Use Bluetooth with Skype

Bluetooth with Skype

A Bluetooth device helps the communication clear and vivid like you are just talking face to face. It lets the user connects to loved ones, friends and business partners by not even sitting in front of computer.

However, before this device can be used, Bluetooth connectivity in your computer is important. To make it function smoothly, here are some steps to follow on how to use the Bluetooth with Skype:

Step 1. Ensure the connectivity of Bluetooth in your computer. Turn on the Bluetooth of your headset device and pair it with your computer to make it discoverable. A blinking LED light or an icon at the left corner will show that computer is ready for pairing. If your computer is not Bluetooth compatible, download driver for Bluetooth and make sure it works.

Step 2. Right Click the icon then you will find the “add device” selection. Click it to see the list of headsets available. Find the name of your headset and double click it to process the pairing. Remember that some headsets have different process to do. It needs a consultation or instructions from a Manual or Manufacturer for better results. Remember use only headsets approved by Skype.

Step3. Launch Skype and log on. Go to menu bar and select Tools button. Click and go to “options” then select “Sound Devices” option. Next, click the “Bluetooth audio” to make it available for use indoor and outdoor depending on the range of your device. Successfully installed you can now enjoy doing business and personal matters at the same time and can talk to different people all together.

You can have video call record option making sure that you can review conversations that transpired. It can be done by purchasing software called Supertintin. Installing the widely recommended software, it enables user to record video call and store it in your hard disk or USB.

Video call recording may not only be of good use but important as well especially in documentation. This is useful in treasuring moments and business transactions for later use. For more information log on

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