Why Your Large Business Needs Skype and Supertintin

When you are a part of a large business, one of the most important factors to keep everything running smoothly, is easy to remember: Communication.

Perhaps some members of your team work remotely from home, or maybe your company has Offices right across the globe. Whichever obstacles you have to face, including:

  • Basic daily communication
  • Agreeing deadlines
  • Discussing business tactics
  • Proposing new business ideas
  • Debating new products
  • Comparing statistics

Your company no longer has to worry about the high costs and lengthy phone calls, that have so commonly associated with colleagues that can not communicate face-to-face, for many decades. Not once your company takes full advantage of Skype.

What can Skype do for your Large Company?

Once your company has signed up for Skype, you will find yourself open to a wide variety of benefits and perks, that will leaving you wondering what on earth took you so long making the move to (potentially) the worlds best video conference provider.

With Skype, you will get access to the Skype Manager, which allows you to:

  • Easily create accounts for every member of your team, no matter how many employees you hire.
  • Allocate credit to each employee using the Skype Manager
  • Ensure that your employees all have access to Group Video Calling
  • Bring them all the tools that they will need to work efficiently

Calls from landlines and mobiles can be incredibly expensive, especially if your employees need to make regular international calls. With Skype, calls will be much more cost-effective. And now you can Record Skype calls using SuperTinTin as well.

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