How to Fix Broken AVI Files

Anyone who is familiar with our software at SuperTintin, will be aware of AVI Files, which are the most popular format for saving Video Calls made through Skype and MSN Live Messenger, but we wanted to spend a little time looking at AVI files, and how to handle them when things go wrong:

What are AVI Files?

AVI stands for “Audio Video Interleave”,  and AVI Files are basically a format used for saving audio and video onto file. Ultimately, AVI Files are capable of carrying both audio and video in one place, making them more effective, than say MP3 (which only carries audio), for saving Video Call Conversations to file, through the SuperTintin Video Recording Software.

Unfortunately, like most things that are computer-based, AVI Files are susceptible to becoming corrupt and broken, meaning that it is impossible to view their contents, which means that you will lose everything that the AVI File contains, because it won’t be able to run properly. Nevertheless, there is still a way of fixing AVI Files without having to spend a small fortune.

How do you fix broken AVI Files?

When you find that your AVI files don’t work, it’s easy to automatically assume that “that’s that”, and you won’t be able to use it anymore. So, most of us end up just sending them to the Recycling Bin. Nevertheless, this is not the only thing to be done with your broken AVI files.

The easiest way of fixing any AVI Files that become broken, whether they are files that you have created using video software, or even video calls that you have saved from MSN Messenger or Skype using SuperTintin Recording Software, or ones that you have downloaded from friends or over the Internet, is by downloading a piece of software called DivFix++.

What is DivFix++?

DivFix++ is a free software download that enables the user to repair broken AVI files. Sounds too easy, right? Well, users should be reassiured that DivFix++ is not “dodgy”, it isn’t a scam, and there are certainly no nasty spyware or viruses attached to it. In fact, it might seem unbelievable, but DivFix++ is actually a not-for-profit utility, that relies on donations of $5 from it’s loyal users, that are completely voluntary.

Where to Download DivFix++

As with most pieces of software, there are a huge variety of websites offering downloads of DivFix++, but we recommend going straight to the source, and downloading it from the originating DivFix website. Here you will find links to download versions for Windows and Linux.

What does DivFix++ actually do?

DivFix++ is able to detect an error, no matter how simple or complex the error is, in an existing AVI file, which enables the software to strip down the “index” part of the file, so that it can rebuild it. It is able to do this because the index of an AVI file is at the end.

The software was ultimately designed to fix DivX movie files, but because DivX runs with AVI files, the software is also capable of fixing AVI files that are used within other programmes too.

What if I have problems with bugs in DivFix++?

The Internet is rife with tales, gossip and rumors of bugs that effect the DivFix++ software, so to avoid any future problems, it is strongly recommended to make a back up copy so that if  you do face any problems, you can just remove the copy from your PC or Mac, and replace it with a “clean” version.

There is also a link on the DivFix website to an available patch for Windows XP, that allows you to fix a bug that prevents users from removing AVI files that have become corrupt.

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