Skype Video Messages: Not Just For Calling [Other Skype Uses]

Skype Video Message

Gone are the days that you use Skype just to call or video call someone. Today, you can use Skype video messages to contact your loved ones. This article will show you practical applications of Skype video messaging that you can try for yourself.

  1. You can use it as a form of reminder to other people, especially to your loved ones. You may be thinking that you can do it via chat or instant message, yes you can, but there are things that are not fully expressed by mere words. There is also the problem with time differences that makes video calling impossible. Skype video message solves these problems.
  2. Have a reminder for yourself. This may sound awkward but have you ever consider recording yourself to remind yourself. This is very effective because a 5-second video reminder is easier to do than to jot down dozens of words.
  3. A very good postcard. A postcard contains a still picture of the places that you want others to see. But would it be great to have a video of your latest vacation to share to your loved ones just like a wish-you-were-here video message? And even if the recipient is offline, the video message will stay there for him to see when he goes online. This is one of the most exciting practical applications of Skype video messaging.
  4. You can also join some competition by sending video messages. Just make sure that you use high definition cameras so that the videos will be clear and detailed.

These are just the beginning of the many innovations that modern technology will bring in the future, so make sure that you can ride with the changes that are happening.

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