Awesome! You Can Now Use Bluetooth with Skype

Use Bluetooth with Skype

Why Use Bluetooth with Skype?

Perhaps, your eyes are glued on your computer screen for hours while conversing with someone via Skype, and this makes your mobility a little bit restricted. Good news! You can now use Skype in a more laid-back way as you wish to. The answer? A Bluetooth device such as the wireless headset.

Definitely Cool Tips to Begin

Step 1:

Check if you’re using the latest version of Skype. Find it out through Skype Support or Skype Downloads from the website.

Step 2:

Get familiarized with the Bluetooth settings of your computer or your phone (if you have Skype on your phone apps). You may refer to your computer manufacturer’s support center (or any device you’re using to access Skype) with regards to Bluetooth settings.

Be sure that the Bluetooth software and drivers (Bluetooth stack) on your computer supports the Headset Profile. Also be reminded to have the latest Bluetooth drivers downloaded and installed on your computer.

Step 3:

Pair the Bluetooth device with your computer. If it’s a wireless headset, you may do the following:

1.)   Switch the Bluetooth headset on, then make it discoverable.

2.)   On the Search Control Panel’s field, type Bluetooth. After which, a related menu (Devices and Printers) will show up from the list. Under the Devices and Printers’ menu, click Add a Bluetooth device. Your computer will now do an automatic search for available Bluetooth devices.

3.)   From the list of the available devices, choose your wireless headset, then click Next to start the pairing process.

Step 4:

Set your Bluetooth device your Skype audio device by doing this process:

1.)   Launch Skype, then sign in.

2.)   Click Options in the Tools menu.

3.)   Under the Audio Settings, choose the Bluetooth device from the Microphone, Speakers and Ringing drop-down list. 

Note to Remember

If the product you’re using is not Skype certified, it may not function well with Skype. To ensure satisfaction on this Skype feature, buy a Bluetooth accessory from Skype Shop.

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