Skype Anywhere With Skype WiFi

Two words capture the way the Internet generation keeps in touch– “Skype me.”  Just as you reach for a Band-Aid to cover a scrape or Kleenex to wipe a tear, Skype has become the generic term for calling anyone, anywhere in the world. Skype’s newest service – Skype WiFi – allows you to do so even when traveling abroad.

Skype Wifi


Touted as a “must have” app, Skype WiFi is a way to browse the Internet at public WiFi hotspots around the world. Although you can find free Internet access at airports, bars and stations, the service is usually spotty or too slow.

What is Skype WiFi?

Formerly known as Skype Access, Skype WiFi allows you to log on to any of the participating hotspots around the world without filling out long web forms or lining up at the counter to buy Internet pass. Available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad the iOS app helps you connect to a 3rd party WiFi provider using your Skype credit as payment.

Save on Internet Costs Abroad.

Aside from offering convenience to users, Skype WiFi also helps you to save on data roaming charges when on a business or holiday trip abroad. By partnering with over 1 million WiFi providers found in hotels, convention centers, restaurants, airports, and train stations worldwide, Skype WiFi eliminates the need to buy expensive Internet cards and allows you to pay only for the minutes you use. The app also displays a list of the available hotspots where you are and their corresponding price. This pay-per-minute Internet access is great for checking in or updating status on Facebook, uploading photos, or making a Skype call. Also, there is no cap on the amount of data you upload or download.

How to Use Skype WiFi.

It only takes one tap to connect and you are ready to browse the Internet, check your email, or call home via Skype. First, download the free Skype WiFi app from the App Store. Sign in with your Skype account and make sure you have enough Skype Credit. Then find a compatible hotspot wherever you are.  Going online is as easy as:

  1. Open Skype WiFi app
  2. Tap “Go Online”

Don’t forget to tap the “Go Offline” button when you are finished because you pay for the time you are connected.

Skype WiFi not only makes it convenient for you to Skype anywhere in the world, it saves you enough money to do more shopping or to check out another museum.

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