How To Make Clear Skype Calls

Noise-Free Skype Calls

Skype calls with ambient noise is one thing nobody’s looking forward to. While you may miss your other half or a family member who’s abroad, receiving noisy video calls kills the mood for catching up or staring at each other’s eyes.

The good news is, Skype has a built-in noise cancellation feature, but you can still find ways to make clear Skype calls.

1. Set up your call in a quiet location, like your bedroom

When making Skype calls, avoid doing them in public places where honking cars or ringing phones can be heard in the background. Although your home is your safest haven, avoid some areas such as those where appliances can be heard running in the background,  that are not suitable for video calling.

2. Avoid using your fan or place it as far away from the computer as possible while you’re on Skype. 

You may not be affected by it, but the whooshing sound fans produce are often distracting and can be heard loudly on the other line. So avoid placing the fan behind you or anywhere near your computer’s mic.

3. Don’t use two microphones at once

If your computer has more than one microphone (in the case of using a headset), make sure that you’re using the correct one. The built-in microphone can pick-up background noise and transmit it to the other line louder than your headset’s mic delivering your voice. Disable your laptop’s mic by clicking on Tools>Options>Audio Settings.

4. Place the microphone nearer your chin

The ghastly noises produced when pronouncing your ‘p’s have always been a problem when making phone calls. Well, Skype calls are no different so always place the microphone near the base of your mouth or your chin.

5. Download software programs that could help reduce background noise

Aside from Skype certified microphones available in the market, there are also software programs that you can download online that are helpful in reducing the ambient noises associated with Skype video calls.


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