Remove Echo on Your Skype Calls Using Echo123

So what causes this annoying and distractive sound? More commonly, an echo is produced when the microphone picks up the sound of the speakers.  Sound reverberates as it bounces off a surface like a wall.

Microphones and speakers, if not properly set up are sure to cause an echo on your call.


  • For those using external speakers, position the speakers away from your laptop microphone and try reducing the volume.
  • If you are using external microphones, position it about 12 inches away from your speakers. Try reducing the volume level of the microphone to 50% or turn off the mic boost option.
  • Try downloading the latest version of Skype that has a built-in Echo Cancellation feature which detects and reduces the echo.
  • Try using a headset or headphones instead of speakers and microphones, if none of these suggestions work.

If both you and the person on the other end of the line are experiencing echoes, try calling Echo123.

What is Echo123?

Echo123 is a special Skype service that helps you test if your audio settings are working properly.

  1. Just type “Echo123” in the address bar at the bottom of the Skype window.
  2. Or you can also add “Echo123” to your contacts.  Follow the next instructions on the pop-up box.
  3. Add Echo123 to ContactsOnce “Echo123” is added, click on the chat button.  Type “callme” and press Enter on your keyboard.
  4. After a few seconds the phone will ring.  Pick it up and follow the instructions.  Leave a message on the Echo Test Service and wait for the playback for sound testing.

echo123 call test service

I suggest both you and the other party should do the test to ensure that echoes are gone on your next call.

Once the echo is eliminated, you are now ready to make that call.  It would be best to start recording your calls.  Record Skype video calls through SuperTintin.  It lets you store previous conversations for easy playback.

These ideas should be helpful depending on your situation.  If symptoms persist, try contacting an expert.

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