Getting the Most Out of Skype Gaming

Whether hobbyists or hardcores, all gamers know that communication is a very important element in winning. And that’s where Skype is most helpful. Here are some tips to take advantage of Skype gaming while playing and talking with your gaming friends.

Skype Gaming

Press and Release

Gaming can be a very intense experience. There will be moments of excitement and shock that can make you shout so loud your friends on Skype might blow their eardrums off. To avoid this, the trick is to set your microphone on mute by default, but have a hotkey that you can press whenever you need to talk to your teammates. Here’s how:

  1. In Skype, go to “Options” under the Tools bar
  2. Click on “Advanced,” and then on “Hotkeys”
  3. Check both “Enable keyboard shortcuts” and “Toggle mute”
  4. Create a unique key combo (e.g., Ctrl + T)
  5. Press OK and Save

Make it a habit to set your mic on mute once you start all your Skype calls. You teammates will hear you talk only if you press and hold your unique hotkey combination, like when it’s time to talk gaming strategies.


When you’re on Skype gaming, you can choose among the different statuses, like Away, Do Not Disturb, Invisible, or Online. But for serious gaming, you might want to choose the “Do Not Disturb” (DND) status. Not only does it let your friends know you’re busy, it also prevents you from hearing all sound notifications from calls and messages that can distract you and make you lose the game.

So the next time you’re Skype gaming at the same time, remember these tips and you’ll be set for a sure win. And you don’t want to forget any strategies you’ve talked over with your teammates, so make sure you get a Skype video call recorder like SuperTinTin to archive all your conversations.

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