How to Remove Skype Virus

Skype virusToday we will discuss a menace for Skype users and that is none other than the dreaded Skype virus. But you do not need to worry much because there is a proven way to remove this virus from your system. These are the things that we will discuss in this article.

This virus works by sending you message that contains this message “lol is this your new profile pic” or “this is my favorite pic of you lol” to all your contacts listed on your account. You can search the internet for possible solutions to this problem, but to make things easy for you, here are the most effective ways to remove this virus. It is a bit complicated though but it is still effective.

  • First, uninstall skype, then run “msconfig” in your computer, after that delete all suspicious autorun files from c:\users\YourUSER\appdata\… it is somewhat easy to detect because it has weird looking names with .exe as their format.
  • Go to “Tools” and then click “Options”, then “Advanced” after that click “Manage programs access to Skype” and then you will see a green circle with a “mu” in greek alphabet symbol. Click that file and click remove, then you’re good.
  • If none of this works, you better perform “deep system scan” of your computer so that your anti-virus can remove it. You are lucky if you are a Mac and Linux user because it cannot infect your system.

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