How To Increase Your Skype Call Audio Video Quality

You’ve finally embraced the convenience and comfort Skype can bring you, like many people around the world. So why not make the most of it by improving the quality of all your Skype call? Read on for more tips in audio and video quality.

Skype Call

Mute Your Skype Call

We’ve all had those embarrassing moments when we’re taking a call: Dad shouting it’s your turn to take out the trash, burping too loud after a huge dinner, or reacting with a word TV shows would often bleep. The easiest way to avoid these moments in the future is to simply hit “mute” when you’re not talking. You can find the “mute” below the image of the person you’re talking to, specifically on the right side. Just look for the microphone with a diagonal line through it, and click the icon. Better yet, get a headset with its own mute button.

Lighten Up

Good lighting is very important to make video calls look better. Some lights, like from computer screens, are not very ideal for videos. Either they can be too dim, or does not complement your face at all. And when the light is too dim, your webcam often adjusts and works harder to create brighter images, and this will further worsen the quality.

One easy way to improve video quality is to turn up your computer’s screen brightness. You can also turn on more lights, or simply hold your Skype calls in a better-lit room. Avoid lights that are too near overhead or behind you, because these will create shadows and make your face look too dark. Moving several inches away from the screen will also help.


Many webcams nowadays often have adjustable settings, so you can tune up the color and white balances to your liking. Some even have filters that give special effects to your videos. You can adjust your webcam by going to  “Video settings” under Skype’s Tools tab.

So the next time you go on Skype, you don’t have to worry about blurting out embarrassing things or looking like you have matching black eyes. Play around with your settings, click a few buttons. And don’t forget to get a Skype video call recorder like SuperTinTin to archive all your improved video calls!

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